When We Slept

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

When we slept I felt all my troubles disappear,

I could have either a horrible day or a terrific day and yet still be at peace,

Because I knew your breathing was sometimes all I could hear,

And that was all I needed.


When we slept I knew you were mine,

At the end of the day we would hold each other in a warm embrace,

This moment was indeed one of our prime,

And I wish that it could be once again.


When we slept we were so close that I didn’t even dream,

Because I didn’t need too and you were already there,

With you by my side I knew we were a team,

But lately in my sleep I always see you.


When we slept I knew you felt safe with me by your side,

And I felt no longer alone in life

You were the moon’s beautiful power that controls the magic tide,

and within our sleep we stood upon the sandy shore,


When we slept all our troubles had passed,

Even the most difficult problems that had overcome us,

And on the edge of night we would forget our troubled past,

Because I would hold you


When we slept I realized that you were the one,

The one who has always been there for me,

You were my star, moon, and sun

And you always will be


When we slept your soft touch and peaceful motion made me complete,

and not a night goes by where I don’t wish you by my side,

And there isn’t a promise I wouldn’t keep,

Someday I hope we can just sleep again  


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