To The Future

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here’s to the future

Where I hope that one day you can accept that our differences made us bond,

Where our initial feelings for each other may one day be shown again,

I may not have always shown it,

But anything that was important to you, was important to me,

I love that even now you have shared with me what went wrong ,

Because that leads to the road of recovery,

and we have been recovering,


The future for us wasn’t fully explored,

but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t exist

If you believe in alternate universes I bet you there is one somewhere that has us trying again

Maybe this is the alternate universe, maybe not

But what’s life without taking a chance?

Another go around could be a thousand times better than the first,

or make us really see what we want in life, whether ours are the same or not.

I am not saying that we should just immediately jump back together,

but to take it slower than the first time,

and maybe things will work out for the best.


I have always been a second chance kind of person,

I believe people should have a chance to redeem themselves from past mistakes,

and just put what bad happened in the past, and focus on the future

Hakuna Matatah, What a wonderful phrase

Don’t worry, don’t think, just do


I have never been so sure of something in my life,

but I have found my joy in life, my joy with a CE 😉

We have a long life ahead of us,

And maybe it’s not the time right now,

but know that my love will always be burning in my heart,

for as long as I live, and I am afraid that just isn’t going away


Here’s to the future


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