Posted: August 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tonight is the night where it was planned that you would come and see me. Tonight I want to give you a massage, feet and back, because I know after working you like them, and I just want you to feel relaxed. Tonight I want to lay out under the stars and hope that we can see the shooting stars because it was forcasted that there is a big meteor shower, with over a hundred shooting stars per hour (sadly I read there is only about 20 if you are in the city and such, but it would be cool to see them 🙂 ). I want you to just smile at me while we watch, and I want things how they used to be. We have done so much together, and watching the stars is one thing we haven’t done. I don’t want it to seem romantic or anything, I just thought it would make you feel better after work, you know to take your mind off things. That’s what the stars are there for. I am tired of the drama raised, but I want you to know that I still love you, and that love will never fade. I miss you so much, and it kills me to go a week without even seeing you. If you do come over tonight, and I don’t manage to get this out, here it is. The one thing I miss most is waking up next to you every morning and getting to look into your beautiful eyes. You always said they were ugly, but that isn’t true. You have always been my “Brown Eyed Girl” and always will be. I miss feeling your heart so close to mine, and feeling each breath you would take. I hope you miss that too, and know that whatever I did to make you feel like we were over, that I am sorrry for that. It isn’t what I wanted. I have loved you for years, and I have waited for you for that long as well. I have always considered you “The One” and you are. I don’t think I will ever be as happy as I was with you, because there is just too much history between us, and I want that history to continue. I can see sometimes that deep down you miss us too, and if there ever is a time where you want to try again, then show me, because I know the next time will be better. Past relationships are meant to be experience, to make it better for the next, but who says the next time can’t be with that same person you love? We have a long life ahead of us, and I have made my choice who I want to spend it with.

I’m sorry if all this is too romantic for you, or anything, but this is where I get my feelings out.

Tonight is the night where I will finally show you this blog, and I hope you read it all.


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