Lost, Scared, Alone, and Depressed

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

“when you’re feeling sad, please don’t cry; i will wipe away your tears. 

But you don’t see that I am always sad when you are gone

For when youre angry, please dont yell; i know thats not you.

I know it isn’t me, and I am sorry if I ever hurt you.

For when youre lost, please know tthat youre not; you always have a place in my heart.

I am so lost right now. I just want you to be back with me, because you too are always in my heart.

For when you’re feeling lonely, please know that you shouldn’t; i will always be with you.

I’ve been lonely for months now, and you haven’t been here. You barely see me.

For when youre feeling happy, please know thats what i want for you; complete happiness.

I feel happy when I am around you and can see you again. You don’t know that you are my complete happiness.

When youre feeling confused, please know im here to help; i will help sort through the confusion.

I have tried, tried telling you how confused I am and have sought your help, but when I do, you only become farther away

For when youre feeling scared, please know you have my hand to hold; whenever you want”

I have been scared. Scared that you are going to be gone forever. I always want to hold your hand, and to just hold you in my arms again.


I just want my Sami back 😦


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