Asleep For Years

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last night’s dream:

It started with myself going into a sleep, willingly, and then waking up 18 years in the future. When I woke up, the scene was similar. I was in my grandparents back yard, and I went through the backdoor, and my grandpa greeted me, and he did look older. A small chihuahua ran past my feet and it was my grandma’s new dog.  Well the first part I remember was seeing my dog noel, and she was old and they were on the verge of putting her to sleep with some sort of powder that was put into water. I admit that I was scared, scared that so much time had passed and everything was so different. At some point I reached into my pocket and pulled out the little heart rock I carry with me. The little red bag it was in was nearly gone, and when I took the rock out it looked brand new. My first instinct was to call you, so I grabbed a phone and tried but your number was no longer in service. I didn’t know if Facebook was still going, being so any years into the future, but it was and when I logged in, I saw messages from about a few weeks after I went to sleep. I don’t remember what the messages were, but they were just from friends asking if I was okay and such. I went to your profile and it said you were still active and had been online recently, so I sent you a message telling you what happened to me. At one point I sat down, in the front lawn, and just thought of everything that had happened since I had been asleep. People I knew were older, and moved on with their lives and I felt forgotten.I then ended up in a truck going down Monroe, and passed a van that had “The Jade Mermaid Tattoo parlor logo” on its side. While in the truck we went off into the country, and I think my aunt was there (so it may have been Pedee) and I was constantly searching for you. And I never heard from you. I then woke up. 


I fell back asleep, and there was some other dream about zombies, but that first dream was more scary and it seemed like it lasted hours. I never used to remember my dreams.

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