Do You Remember?

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do you remember all the memories we’ve had?
Like the day we goofed around all class on the yearbook computers? Do you remember?
Do you remember the morning we walked to Mcdonalds and you got a mcgriddle, hashbrown, and orange juice?
Do you remember in biology when you would always come to me for answers?
Do you remember me being at every birthday party? Do you remember what I wrote in your yearbook over the past years?
Do you remember my “good morning =)” texts with that cheesy smiley face?
Do you remember coming over and falling asleep in my arms?
Do you remember sitting on my lap in class?
Do you remember our first kiss? And falling asleep on my shoulder on that bumpy bus ride?
Do you remember standing together on top of the world watching the sunset?
Do you remember our love? And that you told me we were going to be together forever?
Do you remember falling asleep side by side?
Do you remember when you told me it was over?
Do you remember all the good we’ve had more than the bad?
Do you remember that you have always been my love?
Do you remember that I waited so long for you?
Do you remember how much I care about you?

Do you know how sorry I am for losing you?
Do you know how much I miss you?

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